Mally's Traditional Music Store

Mally's Traditional Music Store is solely dedicated to traditional music, song and dance. This is the place to come for reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and such. Celtic music, folk songs, country dancing, all abound within his store. There's repertoire and tuition for all 'traditional' instruments including fiddle, tenor banjo, piano accordion and bodhran. They sell music books, CDs and DVDs to help and inspire traditional musicians. You can buy CD ROM videos, and everything from melodeon straps to tin whistles.

Publishing traditional music, song and dance books, often with accompanying soundtrack, is the cornerstone of, the very heart of the business. Over the years an extensive catalogue has been built up. In addition, the range is enhanced by books from several other publishers. As well as retail sales distributes to numerous other outlets around the U.K., Ireland, America, France and Australia.

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