THE POOZIES - Yellow Like Sunshine

THE POOZIES - Yellow Like Sunshine

Greentrax CDTRAX342

The return of Sally Barker and her amazing song writing to The Poozies. She has really been unacclaimed in relation to her talent. Perhaps I think that because she originally crept up on my ears almost unnoticed. I first bought a second-hand Poozies album because it was available and they had a good reputation. There was lots of good stuff, and it took several plays before I realised that, stylistically, there were a number of standout contemporary songs all bearing the writing credit (Barker).

Which lead me back to another series of speculative purchases - a great pile of cheapo out of format records I'd bought on the 'squirrel away and I'll play them one day' basis. Mostly trad, but again with a solo Sally Barker album. I broke the plastic and I played it for the first time. Why-oh-Why wasn't this girl famous?

Twenty years down the line and she still isn't, but the songs are as good. As a member of The Poozies her work is always offset by tastefully chosen songs and tunes from other sources.

Bob Harragan

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