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LARRY KAPLAN - Live At Bound For Glory 

LARRY KAPLAN - Live At Bound For Glory 
Hannah Lane Music HLM5 

Larry is a singer/songwriter who has been involved in the folk scene in New England since the 1970s and most of the past performances listed on his website seem to be for appearances between Washington D.C. and the Canadian border (although there are a couple of mentions for Edinburgh!)

The 16 songs here are selected from two regular Sunday evening live radio concerts with what sounds like a small studio audience. The long-running show goes under the title Bound For Glory and dates from 2017 and 2018. It is broadcast by the WVBR station and aimed mainly at an urban New York audience.

Larry comes over as quite personable and his songs cover the sort of topics that you might expect from a folk based songwriter - songs of the sea and boats, old photographs, hard times, etc. He seems to have become very interested in the famed song collector Gale Huntington and presentations about his work, particularly in Martha's Vineyard, are part of his schedule and his composition, Song For Gale, is one included here.

All the songs are his own compositions apart from three. He sings his take on the Lee Hays (he of The Weavers) song, Times Are Getting Hard, the traditional ballad The Two Sisters, and the much recorded Down By The Salley Gardens, though he brings nothing that is new to them. In fact, the whole album lacks that uplifting spark that we all look for in our listening.

Vic Smith