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KILA - Soisin

KILA - Soisin
Kila Records KRCD014

Interesting.  An instrumental album on folk-based instruments but with no folk-based tune structures - not a jig, reel, strathspey or polka within earshot - but with echoes of such diverse sources as John Martyn, Enya, Pentangle, the Swingle Singers, Pigbag, Cathal McConnell and Blowzabella.

There's also a musical saw, and a touch of the old Peter Frampton 'singing through an electronic thing to pretend to be an instrument’.  They rather pretentiously describe it as 'spiritual music', and in reality its more likely to appeal to a TV producer looking for nice but unobtrusive background music, but it is actually much better than it purports to be. The album would make good background music while you're doing something else which needs concentration as there is no temptation to sing along or get out the air guitar.

Apparently they previously produced a dance album. It would be interesting to see if the missing dance-forms are on that.        
Bob Harragan

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