STEAMCHICKEN - Calling All Chickens

STEAMCHICKEN - Calling All Chickens
Steamchicken Steam04

Just a quick look at the selection of instruments in this line-up tells you that the music’s going to be different!  Here we have Ted Crum, harmonica, melodeon, vocal, double bass; Matt Crum, soprano sax, melodeon, piano; Will Pound, percussion, harmonica, melodeon; Bill Pound, mandolin, melodeon; Mandy Sutton, tenor sax; Simon Burrell, tuba, trombone, bass trombone, siren; and Andrew Sharpe, bass, piano.

Between them, the various Steamchickens have a wealth of musical experience in several genres, including blues, jazz, funk, silver band and Morris, which is an eclectic enough mix for a fascinating blend of sounds, which all come together to really work.  The sound is multi-layered, with themes being taken up and passed from player to player to allow everyone a chance to showcase.  The whole dynamic builds up into a punchy, vibrant sound which is less cluttered than you might expect.

The musicians obviously love their music and are comfortable with each player’s contributions (just as well, with two father-and-son pairings in the band!).  The choice of material is equally eclectic, ranging from pure traddie through ragtime to musicals, and there’s even Ted singing the Flanders and Swann classic Ill Wind.  No ill wind here, though, but a really infectious set by a band who, on this performance, just have to be seen live as well.

Gordon Potter

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