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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Trades Roots Live

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Trades Roots Live
Trades Roots TR001

This is an 18 track 'sampler' of artists appearing at the well-known Trades Club in Hebdon Bridge, Yorkshire, all played live and featuring singers of the quality of Steve Tilston, Robin Williamson, Jez Lowe, Pete Morton and Steve Ashley.  It makes no claim of exclusivity in the songs, but only one of the tracks - Clive Gregson's Northern Soul - already appears in my record collection, so we may be looking at obscurities or songs overlooked by artists in the context of their original albums.

The whole has been put together by Steve Tilston, and he provides the outstanding track with his Pretty Penny, a savage and well-aimed attack on the bankers who so nearly lost all of our money.  Jez Lowe provides a typical slice of his quiet toe-tapping wordplay with his Yellow Hair, while Williamson seems more orthodox than usual on For the Loan of a Glass of Beer.

There are contributions from Wizz Jones, Duck Baker and Michael Chapman, and Flossie Malavialle -  Darlington-French, who changes the mood but not in a jarring way with Jacques Brel's Amsterdam.

 A good album for the car stereo.  Listen to samples at
Bob Harragan

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