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Cultural Tourism

A guide for the musical traveller

Most of us using this site share a common interest in music. Many of us will also have found that music takes us to places that are off the beaten track. Our writers for 'The Cultural Tourist' will help us to find other things to do on our musical travels, or help us to find activities relating to our musical interests when we travel for other reasons.

Fleetwood and the Fylde: Hector Christie takes an outsiders view of The Fylde mainly from the perspective of a participant at the long established Fylde Folk Festival. Alan Bell, director of the Folk Festival gives an insider view of the Festival, Fleetwood and The Fylde Click for The Fylde article

Lamprey Festival, Arbo, Galicia: Hector Christie and Barca Piexoto look at music and gastronomy in Arbo, Galicia. One of the cultural attractions there is the Festival of Lamprey but the area has much to offer the traveller looking for a distinct culture. Click for Lamprey Festival, Arbo, Galicia

Hector Christie asks "Does Travel really broaden the mind? and Does Travel Broaden the Mind?

Spain for the Holidays? - Haro: Hector Christie looks at a series of destinations some way of the normal tourist trails in Spain. In this article he looks at Haro, and discovers fine food and divine wine. Spain for the Holidays? - Haro: Fine Food, Divine Wine

Spain for the Holidays? - El Chorro: Spain for the Holidays? - El Chorro: Off the beaten track

Tallinn - the Baltic Tiger and its Singing Festivals: A feature by Hector Christie and Colin Hughes on Tallinn - the Baltic Tiger and its Singing Festivals Tallinn - the Baltic Tiger

Krakow: A feature by Hector Christie Krakow