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Dai Woosnam

Dai Woosnam, based in Grimsby, UK, is a veteran writer on a host of subjects. He has been appearing in the pages of The Living Tradition since 1993, the year of our inception.

He was born soon after WW2 ("Hey, I am not THAT old! I am younger than Elton John and David Bowie! Ha! But not much methinks, since I was born on exactly the same day as Carlos Santana.")

Initially, Dai wrote a TLT column called The Tizer Test, and then followed that up for a few years with his double-page TLT column, Daigressing. This latter was certainly a column that pulled no punches.

He has written several TLT feature articles down the years on artistes as diverse as Eddie Walker, Julie Felix, Keith Kendrick, Eric Bogle etc.

In 1994 he started mailing a provocative potpourri of opinions (and most-importantly, counter-opinions!) and great jokes, to people all over the world. And this - approximately 20 times a year - mailing of his (now also called Daigressing), has changed with the times. Since 2005, it has become much less wordy and more "YouTube clip" orientated. He steadfastly refuses all requests to have a bells-and-whistles blog or a fancy website. He says "the Internet is full of the slick and the professional, but invariably these items leave you curiously empty after reading them. I am about providing proper mental food for people. And thus I happily rely on the very basic pared-down production that every Daigressing represents. And the fact that these Daigressings are not archived, is their very USP. It is their very TRANSIENCE that makes people read them. If you want to sign-up for your free supply of my Daigressing, email me at
and I will happily add you to my list of subscribers".

But ask Dai what he is proudest of, and he will tell you that it's his relationship with TLT. "Pete Heywood stood by me when some members of the Folk Mafia were baying for my blood after I had trod on their toes in that flagship column. I will be eternally grateful for that support and remain deeply appreciative of the editorial integrity and professionalism of TLT".

Incidentally, if you are wondering, his surname is not uncommon in Wales. Dai says: "whatever Peter Alliss the golf commentator tells you, trust me, we Welsh do not pronounce my name the Alliss 'Chinese' way, to rhyme with Fu Manchu. But in actual fact, the first syllable 'Woos' rhymes with the vowel sound in wood/couscous/should etc."