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MICK SANDS - The Ominous and the Luminous

MICK SANDS - The Ominous and the Luminous

This CD comes as a worthy addition to the canon of North East English folk, as well as introducing a fine selection of music and song from further afield.  With an impressive pedigree in Theatre, Mick Sands brings together tunes and songs from England, Ireland, Romania and the Jewish Diaspora and manages to make a coherent whole.  Many of the arrangements and compositions were commissioned for specific theatre productions and provide a perfect platform for Mick's versatility. 

The recording quality is good and the whole thing is enhanced with excellent support from guitarist Clive Carroll.  At the heart of it all there is a sense of belonging, and a sense that wherever Mick's musical journeys take him, the music of the North East will always be at the heart of things.  Thus for me the stand-out tracks are his beautifully unaffected renditions of Up The Raw and When the Boat Comes In, for while there is occasional unevenness in the flute and whistle playing, Mick's vocals are outstanding.  There is an accuracy and warmth to his singing, which lingers in the mind and brings the songs to life.

Nick Keir

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