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THE TULLA CEILI BAND - 60th Anniversary Celebration

THE TULLA CEILI BAND - 60th Anniversary Celebration
Claddagh Records CCF 38 CD


Even if ceili band music is not your thing give this CD a listen, after all there are many ceili bands but there is only one Tulla Ceili Band. This is Irish traditional music at its formal best.  In 1958 The Tulla recorded the first L.P of ceili band music for Dublin Records. This historic recording has recently been re-issued on CD, Echoes Of Erin, Dublin Records DU1000, now we have their latest CD, almost sixty years later.

From the beginning the Tulla attracted the finest musicians and continues to do so today. The current line-up of the band is three fiddles , two accordions, three flutes, a piano and the drums. It is interesting to note that photographs from the 1940’s include a piper. The bands unique sound needs no introduction to readers of The Living Tradition. Their repertoire on this CD consists of reels and jigs and a couple of hornpipes all impeccably played of course.

It is difficult to know what else to say about a band as famous as the Tulla Ceili Band. They are probably the longest serving and certainly the best ceili band to record. 60th Anniversary Celebration is up there with the greatest of their many recordings. Wonderful stuff.

Danny Saunders


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