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LORRAINE JORDAN "Inspiration" Lochshore CDLDL 1205

This album, previously released in cassette form under the River Music label, is now available on compact disc on the Lochshore label and does not appear to have been radically re-mixed when compared to the original. However, the digital reproduction seems to have given the whole album a more balanced feel, perhaps slightly crisper and marginally less "warm".

I can't fault the songs on this album - the fact that they are being covered by other songwriters such as Gill Bowman is proof enough of their worth. My only reservation is that half of the songs have such a similar feel that they sound as if they have been written to a formula - not that I am in any way criticising these methods.

Frequently artistes who give a polished and confident performance are unable to reproduce that feel in the studio but this is certainly not the case here. Great care has been taken to produce a slick product that holds the attention of the listener.

Some of the songs just beg for audience participation "Winds of Freedom" in particular being impossible to resist if you like catchy chorus songs (it gets the old foot tapping away merrily as well).

I would recommend all of you, even those who already possess the original version of this album, to give the C.D. version a chance and judge for yourselves. Try to catch a live performance of Lorraine as well, to get a balanced view, the next time she is in your neck of the woods.

Grem Devlin

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This album was reviewed in Issue 3 of The Living Tradition magazine.