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FRASER BRUCE - Every Song’s A Story 

FRASER BRUCE - Every Song’s A Story 
Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX413 

You may well remember Fraser Bruce from the days in the seventies and eighties when he was something of a leading light on the folk scene in Scotland and further afield, both as a solo performer and as one of Mrs Bruce’s Boys with his brother, Ian. Fraser took a step away from music in the nineties to concentrate on creating a successful construction business. That business is now being run by his sons and Fraser has been able to return to his first love with this, his first solo album in more than 20 years.

He has chosen to return with a selection which mostly comprises cover versions of songs that are special to him. He sings versions of songs by such as Colin Pitts, Eric Bogle and Dougie MacLean, and he does a workmanlike job, reunited with brother Ian, who also produces, and a fine group of musicians and other family members. I was not fortunate enough to see Fraser live in his heyday but, to judge by this CD, his voice has lost none of its strength and character. This comes to the fore on a couple of Fraser’s own compositions such as Oh How They All Grow Older, which are more to my liking than the cover versions. Maybe Fraser should pick up his pen more often.

If yu are a fan of Fraser from the old days and his distinctive style then you will definitely enjoy this CD.

Philip Thomas


This review appeared in Issue 137 of The Living Tradition magazine