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Gael Linn CEFCD 189

The translation of the title is “lively music”, and is also the title of a programme on Irish television channel TG4, which broadcasts traditional music in live sessions from all round the country and further afield.  I don’t know just how many Euros a commissioning editor gets, but the cast assembled herein would require a very deep delve into the pockets indeed.

Given that all nineteen tracks were recorded at different venues, there is a remarkable feeling of unity for a compilation disc.  The quality of production and engineering is consistently high, and you could easily believe that they had all been laid down at the same time.  The list of artists is from the top drawer, with Seamus O Beaglaoich, Brid Ni Mhaoilchiarain and John Spillane giving us “An Ciarraioch Mallaithe”, “Neainsin Bhan” and “All the Ways You Wander” respectively.  The rest of the album features tunes, which reflect Irish regional styles and instrumental combinations to delight the heart of those who know this music, and to act as a superb guide for those making a voyage of discovery.

With the likes of Jackie Daly & Seamus Creagh; the Boys of the Lough; Joe Burke, Matt Molloy & Anne Conroy Burke; Noel Hill & Tony Linnane – to pick from the line-up of just four tracks – this was never going to fail to please.  With over 65 minutes of music, and an informative booklet, this all adds up to a great deal of pleasure indeed.  Now all I need to know is how to tune in to TG4!

Gordon Potter

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