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Fuse records CFCD408

Most people will be familiar with Roy Bailey as an excellent interpreter of other singers’ material. Through his singing, he has introduced me to the works of, most notably, Leon Rosselson, as well as amongst many others, Si Khan, Robb Johnson, Ray Hearne, the Fagans, Alistair Hulett and James Keelaghan, and more recently David Ferrard. What many may not be aware of is that he has also produced four albums aimed specifically at children of all ages. Tomorrow is the latest of these and is dedicated to two of his own grandchildren.

Roy does not believe the material on a children’s record has to be childlike, and my experience in teaching certainly backs up his view that children enjoy a wide variety of songs. For many years the works of the previously mentioned singers could be heard echoing from my classroom. Tomorrow has the same variety as his previous albums with traditional songs sitting alongside more contemporary material.

His choice of musicians also reflects the view that young people deserve the best, and on here are some of the best. There’s John Kirkpatrick, Chris Coe, Andy Seward, Andy Cutting as well as a few of Roy’s family including Martin Simpson.

I really enjoyed this but would young people? So I got a class of 7 year olds to have a listen. Their verdict?  A massive thumbs up! Nothing more needs to be said.......

Dave Beeby

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