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DALLA - Roots

DALLA - Roots
Dalla Records DACD004

Dalla are probably the premier band espousing the cause of Cornish music.  Not just the English music, which was adopted in the area (although there are occasional nods to this), but the older Celtic forms.  Given that there is a certain shortage of surviving material, they have been major instigators in reviving what is still there, recreating that which was sketchy and increasing the repertoire with their own compositions which are not only in the tradition but which help to move the tradition along, keeping it alive and exciting for the present. 

The core of the band is Neil Davey (Bouzouki, mandolin, fiddle etc), Hilary Coleman (clarinet, vocals) and Bec Applebee (vocals, percussion) and they produce and invigorating and fascinating sound.  The tunes fizz, with the band not afraid to explore them fully, improvising around them with considerable virtuosity and verve.  The songs are attractive, with the two female voices playing off each other to great effect (although even the beautiful treatment given to Crantock Games doesn’t stop it, as usual, outstaying its welcome).

Paul Burgess

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