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ELMER DEAGLE - Elmer Deagle

ELMER DEAGLE - Elmer Deagle

Pin your ears back for this one.  Elmer Deagle (how can you not like a guy with a name like that?) is from Prince Edward Island in Canada and is one of 70 (seventy) first cousins in the seventh generation of the famouse Chaisson dynasty (in Prince Edward Island that’s a bit like being born a Waterson!).  Elmer plays pretty much anything with strings on it but in this collection it is his mandolin and tenor banjo picking that gets a particular showcase and the man’s musicianship is extraordinary!  He brings with him a bunch of top quality musicians from his filing cabinet of cousins and a repertoire that mixes the music of the ceilidh with more contemporary compositions (there are a couple of songs in here that you will hear more of in the future, I reckon).  Listen to instrumental track 67 Mount Edward Road and follow it with the delightful country feel of the song Grammy of Mine.  There’s not a bad track here. 

The CD is well recorded and packaged, though Elmer doesn’t seem to have a record label..or distribution..or management…  so goodness knows how you will get hold of copy but it’s worth trying.  Elmer’s web site at takes you to his page on MySpace!  He’s too busy making music to make it easy for the rest of us, but who cares?  I love it to bits.

Phil Thomas

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