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SCOTIA NOSTRA - Gammel Venskab: Robert Burns I Danmark 

SCOTIA NOSTRA - Gammel Venskab: Robert Burns I Danmark 
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Rod Sinclair is not exactly a household name in the land of his birth, but he represents an important thread in Scots music. The debt that Robert Burns owes to traditional song and music is well known; what is less obvious is the inspiration that modern day musicians still find in his works. More surprising still is the distinctly Danish flavour to this particular enterprise, where Rod is joined by his Scotia Nostra bandmates to record a mix of Burns songs and newer material.

Sinclair leads the way with voice, guitar and banjo - he sounds like a young Ian Campbell - but the other four regular members bring a Scandinavian edge to proceedings. A special mention should be made here for the magnificently named bagpiper, Stig Bang Mortensen, who manages to sound completely Danish and convincingly Scots at the same time. As for Sinclair, he has the gall to take on some potentially over-familiar material, like Honest Poverty - better known as For A’ That - and even Auld Lang Syne, but there is always a hint of freshness in the mix.

Dave Hadfield


This review appeared in Issue 131 of The Living Tradition magazine