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HABADEKUK - Mollevit

HABADEKUK - Mollevit
GO’ Danish Folk Music GO0617

This Danish band has been grooving for 10 years and their new CD is preceded by Hopsadaddy (2010) and Kaffepunch (2014), which if you are inclined, are also available through GO’ Danish Folk Music.

The band is an eight-piece and likes to party, so this music is great for dancing. They make a thing about their horns section, which adds to their all-out funky beat. Having given the CD a first listening, I turned to the Big Phat Band to compare funky horns ‘in extremis’ and then listened again to Blowzabella, Filarfolket and, of course, Bellowhead, with whom Habadekuk has most recently been compared.

The musicians are talented individual players who have moulded together seamlessly, led in part from the keys and from the driving fiddle of Kristian Bugge, though on this CD the fiddle playing is sweeter. The sax playing and the work of accordionist Peter Eget Hansen are not to be overlooked.

In the end the CD comes across with a slightly formulaic approach to using its array of instruments, but the band’s live performances (see YouTube) convey more of the electricity of the moment.

There are some very good Danish bands whose music may be sampled through the / websites, amongst whom Habadekuk has led me to be surprised and delighted with much coming from this relatively under-represented country and culture. I recommend research if you haven’t done so already. This CD represents the liveliness of the current Danish roots to rock scene and its sleeve notes are of interest for the sources of tunes.

C.John Edwards

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