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ANDERS LILLEBO - Homecoming  

ANDERS LILLEBO - Homecoming  
Just For The Records JFR732  

Half an hour of mainly Irish music from a Norwegian accordionist: Lillebo plays his piano box in a style reminiscent of Alan Kelly, Mirella Murray or Collette O'Leary. His second CD is folky rather than céilí, with an eclectic range and a tendency to walk just to the side of the beaten path. For example, Homecoming opens with a trio of traditional reels but on each of them Lillebo has taken his own shortcuts and scenic diversions: a note added here, a beat missing there, enough to cause ripples in the deep pool of Irish music. Anders is strongly supported by Olav Rossebø on fiddle and fretted strings, James Taylor on guitar, and Arthur Stones on bouzouki. Arthur switches to banjo for a fifties-style set of barndances, and there are a few cameos by the three buddies, but Homecoming is mainly an accordion album.

Reels and jigs rule as ever: Dinky's, The Coolea Jig, Condon's Frolics, a couple of favourite Shetland reels and more. Lillebo also throws in a flattened pair of hornpipes, a couple of polkas, and a pair of charming Norwegian waltzes. Homecoming finishes with a rousing contemporary jig by Canada's East Pointers, the longest possible fade-out ending a collection which is distinctive and promises more in future. 

Alex Monaghan

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