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SID KIPPER - In Season

SID KIPPER - In Season
Leader Records LEKCD2125

There is a long and proud tradition of singers reviewing the progress of the year in song, commemorating the rites and rituals of the changing seasons, and giving advice to the listener on how best to cope with all this.  Sid Kipper, Trunch’s finest son, has now turned his attention to this genre, and has produced a tour de force (or should that be farce?) which takes us through the year, with a narrator’s link between each month which not only comments on past times, but gives advice for modern countrypeople.  For example, did you know that May marks the official start of the paintballing season, or that there was a correct time to sow the cannabis crop?  You didn’t?  Well, this is just the record for you!

As usual, Sid’s humour works at two levels: one of general hilarity and another, subtler swipe at the traditional music world.  No matter which camp is yours, this gentle yet pointed set of observations on topics such as townies in the countryside, bride-seeking sea captains and turkeys at Christmas will have you laughing all the way through.

Be prepared to be astonished at the vast range of instrumentation, too, including that icon of the 1960s, the Stylophone.  Further be prepared to be amazed by Mr Kipper’s grasp of the modern recording technique of sampling, as Walter Pardon gets involved in Rural Rap – as he says in his thoroughly witty notes, this surely is the future of folk. The usual health and safety caveat goes with this CD – don’t play it whilst driving, as you’ll be likely to crash the car through laughing too much.

Gordon Potter

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