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Veiled in clever, enigmatic, mysterious words, on closer inspection Shifted appears to be concerned with the natural uncertainty of existence and our collective human journey. There is a profound spirituality underlying the writing which only adds to a favourable impression of the overall production and sound of the CD.

At times, the delivery is in a style reminiscent of Laura Marling, and very effective it is too. The lead vocalist and composer of the vast majority of the songs on the CD, Jordana Greenberg, reveals an appealing, youthful quality in her voice that also demonstrates understanding, confidence and maturity. Whilst this is Harpeth Rising’s fifth studio album, it is their first as a trio and provides a platform that extols their collective musicality. These three talented young women combine and weave a variety of instruments together to create a comprehensive whole. Very tight close harmony permeates, like the aroma of delicious coffee, throughout the CD, along with highly competent seductive violin, cello and a host of other instruments. It is quite difficult to exactly pinpoint their unique style as the music has been drawn from so many different genres, however suffice it to say that there are elements of classical, folk, rock and newgrass. In some ways trying to categorise the music is to do it a disservice, for there is also discernible, within this powerful subtle fusion, a hint or flavour of much deeper European roots.

A number of tracks stand out in the collection. Dance Me To The End Of Love by Leonard Cohen fits in perfectly with the theme of the CD. On a mysterious level, The Book of Revelation provides source material for the up-beat Seven Thunders, which doesn’t disappoint on any level either. Providence is a great song performed with confidence and alacrity.

Watch this space, the American group Harpeth Rising is destined to create great music for years to come. This is an album that grows upon you more and more each time you listen to it and comes highly recommended.

John Oke Bartlett

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