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CHARLIE LE BRUN - Madness Is Convention 

CHARLIE LE BRUN - Madness Is Convention 
Private Label 

This debut album from Breton Charlie Le Brun showcases a technically talented young flute player. Here he mixes own compositions with traditional Irish tunes.

The first set comprises two of Charlie's own, The Black Bee and Lickeen Lake. I felt they lacked structure and are more in the modern style of compositions that aren't to my taste. But I'm an old fogey and suspect they will be well received by younger fluters. Aoife Kelly's and Spórt by O'Riada are handled beautifully and I particularly liked his rendering of Spórt, with lovely lift and drive. Two more of his own compositions follow, Gerry The Postman and Sunny Belfast, and I felt these were much more successful with nice phrasing and tasty ornamentation. A Vein Hag A Ludu sounds like a Breton tune but is also one of his own. The first part is quite mournful and solemn and then a lovely wind up on the bodhrán from Eamon Rooney gives the second part of the tune great lift. Finally, we have The Cabin Hunter and Delia Crowley's. These tunes have great swing and drive, and some very tasty playing from Aoife Kelly on concertina. There is super guitar accompaniment throughout from Feilimí Ó'Connor, and Eamon Rooney on bodhrán is on form, as always.

I would have liked to have seen some sleeve notes and perhaps a translation of A Vein Hag A Ludu. And that's it – just five tracks. This seems a wasted opportunity as I think he could have showcased more of his playing, but I look forward to hearing much more in the future from this talented young flute player.

Brendan Carson


This review appeared in Issue 131 of The Living Tradition magazine