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Wind Drift
Maggie's Music  MM114

“Celtic grooves, mystic moods”, says Miss Sansone to describe her music.  Sounds unpromising, but while there is a hint of the ''C' word here, there are recognisable tunes with a hint of classical influence.  Indeed, I spot touches which echo the thoughts of Sean O'Riada when he was composing that classical music that lead to the Chieftains, only this time with a Scottish influence.

Sansone's music is more ethereal, more quietly classical than the other rowdy, toe-tapping, infectious dance style we are more used to in folk instrumentals; more “let’s get in the mood for bedtime” than “invite the neighbours round for a knees-up”- but none the worse for that.  Quiet, understated jigs and reels, would you believe?!

Sansone, American-Scots from the Highlands of Miami, plays classical guitar as well as hammered dulcimer.  She's joined by Al Petteway on guitar; Robin Bullock (now living in France) on cittern and mandolin; Bobby Read on woodwinds, keyboards and accordion; and Matthew Bell on bodhran, djembe and cajon.

Nine tacks in all, with tunes written by Sansone interspersed with Scots, Shetland, Irish and Breton tunes. A very American take on Celtic traditions, out of the mainstream, but well worth a listen.

Bob Harragan

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