THE OLD DANCE SCHOOL - Based On A True Story

THE OLD DANCE SCHOOL - Based On A True Story

Another new young band - another exciting CD. Based on a growing reputation as a live band-although I must admit to not seeing them yet, The Old Dance School mix the various influences the six members have brought to the band. ‘Based On A True Story’ is a mix of traditional and self-penned, instrumentals and songs. Eastern European arrangements sit alongside jazz based tunes, soul and even early music.
Whistles, fiddles, guitar, drums, percussion, bass, viola fuse into exciting tracks showing a variety of moods. Vocals are confident and the songs interesting-I especially enjoyed ‘The Silver Pin’ a story of witchcraft and suggestiveness.
Everything is based firmly within the tradition but not stuck there. There’s a real sense of heritage but also of today. A good first offering which should do well during the festival season, and I look forward to catching them live.

Dave Beeby

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