LA PART DU QUÊTEUX - Paye la traite

LA PART DU QUÊTEUX - Paye la traite
Rues at Archets RA009


When talk in folk circles turns to the subject of the traditional music of Québec there is usually mention of the well known bands like La Bottine Souriante and Les Charbonniers D’Enfer and not much else. That’s a shame because there is a wealth of Québeqois music and song out there for those who want to look and the music of this four-piece is a great example. A selection of fine songs in that distinctive call and response style that makes them great to join in with if you have even a smattering of school French, mixed with energetic instrumentals. It’s almost impossible not to tap your feet to this, not least because, as well as including just about every stringed instrument you can think of, this whole CD is liberally sprinkled with the traditional tapage de pieds. To you and me that means the tap-dancing done by band member David Boulanger while sitting down and playing the fiddle at the same time.  To watch this live is to be amazed however many times you see it.

The CD is beautifully packaged and there is enough English in the sleeve notes to get you through if your French is a little rusty. It’s difficult to pick a favourite track among all this high quality material but have a listen to the haunting tune Les deux bons gars (The two good boys) which leads into a delightfully crooked jig (the band’s description, not mine) from the famous fiddler André Savoie. Uplifting stuff, this, and really worth seeking out.

Phil Thomas


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