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Ruansey Records  RUAN001

Tattie Jam comprises Seylan Baxter and Ruaridh Pringle, joined here by the inventive percussive skills of Steve Forman for what is the debut release by the pairing which describes its music as “spiced up Scottish traditional.”  Ms Baxter’s electric cello combined with Ruaridh’s various frets (and the oft-derided didgeridoo) plus vocals from both give a bravura swagger which joins the dots between Folk and syncopated swing in a manner that’s both energising and melodic.

The opening taut-but-loose jauntiness of Are Ye Sleeping Maggie is a strong statement of intent – it catches the ear immediately, and their choice of material is hard to fault, be it the crisp musicianship of the Bulgarian Molecule tune set or the malevolent anthem that is Earl Richard.  Consistently imaginative with often inspired arrangements, this CD retains the interest and ‘the Jammers’ bring an innovative, often coltish vibe to their craft despite a simultaneous adherence to tradition.

The old adage about it ain’t what you do applies in spades here and in addition there are diverse originals from Ruaridh’s pen – the light and flip Different contrasting with Winch Away, which sheds an alternative light on the perceived wisdom regarding the decline in Scottish fish stocks.

Passion, integrity, stomping four on the floor rhythm - this album gives its all. The liner notes have wit and intelligence too; - this jam is 100% whole fruit and well worth a punt. I liked the cut of their jib so much, I booked ‘em!

Clive Pownceby

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