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Stockfisch Records SFR35748062 

This memorable Allan Taylor album, originally released in 1984, has been re-released on Super Audio CD and vinyl on the Stockfisch label as part of its Analog Pearls series. Back in the 80s, Allan was determined to make the highest quality recording possible at the time, and the results speak for themselves, even after all these years.

The recording is warm and clear, with that classic Allan Taylor sound – velvety voice, detuned guitar effect, soaring piano and perfect harmonies. Opening with that gorgeous piano from Ritchie Close on Choose Your Time, some of Allan’s finest songs are on here – the title track, Syracuse And Albany, Now You Know, The Dove and The Rose And The Briar. This album also features Mike Silver, who contributes backing vocals and additional guitar, Pete Glennon on basses and Mike Timoney on accordion and keyboards.

There are tales from life on the road, love songs, perceptive observations of people, killer choruses – all the hallmarks that we’ve come to expect of Allan – and it’s so lovely to hear them again after all these years.

Stockfisch brings its trademark quality to the re-release too. It's presented in a very appealing book-style package, with original album artwork and lyrics.

I’m delighted to have this album in my collection again, it really has stood the test of time. I love the songs and I love that my ears still know what the next track is going to be before they hear it, a throwback to the days when you listened to albums properly as albums. But my appetite has been whetted… what about The Traveller or Roll On The Day next?

Fiona Heywood


This review appeared in Issue 140 of The Living Tradition magazine