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The name Ewan MacPherson was, I have to say, unfamiliar to me. But the face wasn’t. The music seemed familiar too, which was not surprising as he was a founding member of Salt House (one of my favourite CDs is by them) and is currently a member of the great Shooglenifty. Along the way he has played with a list of artists and groups which reads like a Who’s Who of Scottish music.

Fetch! is a ‘solo’ album featuring Ewan on a variety of stringed instruments as well as harmonium and percussion. There’s also a load of his friends from the last 20 years filling out the sound - and what a sound it is. Right from the opening track to the last bars of the final track there are surprises to interest the listener.

This has been a hands-on experience for Ewan, writing the majority of the music, producing and recording it, as well as designing the cover itself. There is no doubt he has done a good job and Fetch! is a welcome addition to any collection. Personally, not all the tracks work for me (the opening to Saltus for example), but I hear something different on every listen. I found Only The Burn Is Not Silent to be quite stunning and deceptively simple.

Overall, this CD has quality running right through it.

Dave Beeby

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