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Private Label TCC-21 

Terry Clarke-Coyne was brought up in a Liverpudlian Irish musical family and is a noted traditional singer and multi-instrumentalist, but here he showcases his affinity with whistle and flute tunes. Like so many musicians restricted by lockdowns, he produced over 150(!) videos of him playing music around the village of Minera in north Wales, which is now his home. Harnessing the necessary technological skills, many of these featured virtual duets with other musicians, and this thoroughly enjoyable CD is a sample of this venture.

With the likes of Kevin Crawford, Gino Lupari, John Joe Kelly and Mike McGoldrick among his collaborators, this was always going to be a mixture of musical treats, and that’s just what we get here. Indeed, Mike McGoldrick credits Terry as being one of his own influences, and he could have had no better mentor. Terry’s style is fluid and seemingly effortless, as he takes us through a range of material which comprises traditional and contemporary tunes, including a few of Terry’s own compositions. There’s also a track of Irish Mass tunes, where Terry is accompanied by Hanna Williams playing the church organ of St Giles in Wrexham. This segues into O’Carolan’s Concerto and this is a fine example of how to blend styles seamlessly.

There’s a fair number of different-keyed whistles and flutes in Terry’s quiver, and the varying pitches help give variety to the sets, making the whole album one that you just want to play over again. An inspired concept, a superb collection of duettists and a CD that should be in the collection of anyone who enjoys the instruments.

Gordon Potter


This review appeared in Issue 142 of The Living Tradition magazine