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TWA FOLK - Twyned

Private Label TWA101

I was certain that I wasn’t going to like Twyned by Twa Folk when I first opened it. I recognised Irene Watt and Graham White from a very middle of the road documentary about shanties which I’d really not enjoyed. The album cover didn’t impress me, neither the initial sleeve notes about ‘vocal harmonies entwine the voices....’  I looked at the track list which is a collection of their favourite songs, most of which will be well known to you and certainly were to me, and hoped my worst fears were not going to be realised as I popped Twyned into the player.

I was surprised to find Shoals Of Herring was, in fact, quite painless, and by the time Phil Ochs’s When I’m Gone was in full swing, I was definitely revising my opinion.  With each track I really started to enjoy and appreciate what Graham and Irene were doing, and doing well. Their version of The Briar And The Rose written by the great Tom Waits, is very good indeed, whilst Whaur Will Ye Gang is a smashing track. The CD ends strongly with an interesting take on Ten Thousand Miles showing their vocal harmonies to the full, supported by Irene’ lovely clarsach playing.

There are some bits that I found less than satisfactory - the over complicated part singing on A Maid Gaed Tae The Mill for instance - but for most of this CD their competence on their respective instruments and feel for the music comes through.

OK it just goes to show that first impressions are not always any good.

Twa Folk have a good product here, which should sell well at their live performances as their collection of favourite music has something for everyone.

Dave Beeby

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