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ROB SAY O’er Lang At The Fair

O’er Lang At The Fair

Veteran  VT157CD

Rob Say is an awarding winning piper from the North East of England - as well as the Northumberland small pipes, Rob plays the English concertina and is a master of both. His repertoire of traditional and composed tunes is firmly set in the music making tradition of the area, a product of the fact that while learning his craft, Rob was able to listen to and sometimes play with the best of the older generation of musicians.

The above mentioned repertoire includes rants, airs, marches, hornpipes, reels and a schottische. On some tracks Rob is sympathetically accompanied by Will Chamberlain on piano and there are a couple of outstanding duets with Andy May, another award winning piper.

There is something for everyone with a love of traditional music on this superb CD.
They say that to write a positive review is easier, and can therefore be shorter to write, than a bad one. I hope this is true for I can find nothing but positive things to say about O’er Lang At The Fair. It is one of the best non-archival albums of that fairly rare thing - an English instrumental CD - that I have heard this year. Another indispensible release from the admirable Veteran label.

Danny Saunders

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