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NYFTE - National Youth Folklore Troupe Of England

NYFTE - National Youth Folklore Troupe Of England
WildGoose Studios WGS405CD

Usually an album containing performances from a large group of 10 to 18-year-olds can be summed up with friendly words as providing a worthwhile memento for those people buying it at one of their concerts.  Not this one. It's far better than that - in fact it's the other way round: hopefully people buying this excellent CD will be motivated to go and search out one of their impressive live performances.  This is a vital, exuberant and entertaining programme performed with a skill and instrumental dexterity which outshines many of their famous elders.  There is a wide variety of material, from social dances, ritual dances, accompanied songs and choral singing, neatly arranged and nicely varied.  Presumably the vocal/massed choral items were recorded elsewhere, but I have a marvellous mental image of all 32 of them cramming into the WildGoose studio!

Congratulations to EFDSS gold badge recipient Dave Leverson who has been guiding them for over 20 years - the reasons for his reward are amply shown here.  Make sure you don't miss this one.

Paul Burgess

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