Musician Edward Jay designs and builds 3D printed concertina

Musician Edward Jay designs and builds 3D printed concertina

Eddy Jay is known widely in folk circles as an exponent of the accordion, and through playing in a duo with Will Pound.  But recently he has been developing an interesting idea and using modern technology to develop a new breed of instruments.  He has designed and built a new type of concertina, which he presented at one of the three residential weekends of the West Country Concertina Players in Somerset towards the end of last year.

Sandra Kerr - Rebel with her Chords

Interviews! They can take place in the oddest of places! A recent one was conducted sitting on the floor in a corridor of a town hall in Kent at the end of a Saturday concert during a festival. This one with Sandra Kerr was in a rather plusher setting; it was a Sunday morning in June in the residents’ lounge of a hotel in Fitzrovia in Central London. We were both involved in the traditional song and tune weekend organised by the Musical Traditions club and the nearby King & Queen.

Rob Harbron - Finger on the Button

Recent articles on Andy Cutting and Sam Sweeney have prompted Paul Walker to take a look at Leveret’s third member, Rob Harbron...  Rob Harbron is best known as a player of the English concertina, but this wasn’t his first instrument. “No, I played several instruments before I discovered the concertina - piano briefly aged about five, then guitar and recorder at school, then the violin/fiddle, which I wasn't that keen on until I discovered folk music."