Living Tradition Issue 134

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Issue 134 of The Living Tradition (June/July 2020) featuring articles on Georgia Lewis, Chris Leslie, Natalie MacMaster, Ken Wilson, A Puckle Muckle Sangs, Autohoodening, The Humours of Cocoon, Zoe Wren, If At First, Hector Christie’s take on life in lockdown, Mike Silver’s Tales From The Road, Transatlantic Connections, Festival Updates, news, reviews and much more…


Alden Patterson Dashwood - Waterbound
Antoine & Owena - Something Out Of Nothing
Jon Palmer Acoustic Band - One Fine Day
Brown Boots - First Steps
Toni Bunnell - Across The Years
Bob Copper - Songs & Southern Breezes
Peter Croft - Button Box Breakdown
Andrew Cronshaw - Zithers
Jimmy Crowley - Songs From The Beautiful City
Daphne's Flight - On Arrival
Marie Fielding - A Collection Of Original Compositions 3
David Foley & Jack Smedley - Time To Fly
Chris Gray - Chris Gray
The Maniacs - Decomposed 18th Century Dance Music
Benny McCarthy - Press And Draw
Brian McNeill - No Silence
Siobhan Miller - All Is Not Forgotten
Moonrakers - Ebb & Flow
Pete Morton - A Golden Thread
Findlay Napier & Gillian Frame with Mike Vass - The Ledger
Peter Knight's Gigspanner - Natural Invention
Charlie Piggott - The Days That Are Gone
Will Pound - A Day Will Come
Project Smok - Bayview
The Rowan Tree - Kolar's Gold
Aoife Scott - Homebird
Sian - Sian
Stout - Undaunted
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - Sleep Deprivation