Living Tradition Issue 135

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Issue 135 of The Living Tradition (Aug-Nov 2020) featuring articles on The Old Swan Band, The Si Fiddlers, Eric Bogle, Brown Boots, John Joe Kelly, Terence Blacker, The Road To Bonnymuir, Folk Music Performance Degrees, Keith Leech, Frankie Armstrong's Tales From The Road, Reflecting On Motivation, Festival Listings, News, Reviews and more...


Alaw - Alawon: Melodies
Alongshore - Diamonds Rubies & Emeralds
Adam Amos & Noel Rocks - Back Up To Zero
Philippe Barnes - Irish Music On The Silver Flute
Philippe Barnes - A Collection Of Modern Tunes Vol 1
George Belton - A True Furrow To Hold
Blakeley & Son - Nuts & Bolts
Jake Blount - Spider Tales
Ben Morgan Brown - Live In Lancashire
Kristian Bugge & Sonnich Lydom - Gangspil 2
Sean Burrows - Irish On The English
Hilary De Vries - Cherry Blossom After Rain
Francy Devine - An Ownerless Corner Of Earth
Alan Dickson - Songlines: The Road To Bonnymuir
John Doyle - The Path Of Stones
Bob Ellis - There Was None Of This Lazy Dancing
Marie Fielding - The Spectrum Project
The Haar - The Haar
Lizzy Hardingham - Seven
Hushwing - Foundlings
Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter - Sketches
Lena Jonsson - Stories From The Outside
Caroline Keane - Shine
Tom Kitching - Seasons Of Change
Tom Kitching - Seasons Of Change: Busking England
An Lar - Deception
Rowan Leslie - Contemporary Fiddle Tunes From The Northeast of Ireland
Tom Lewis - Demand Performance
Gef Lucena - Forest Bathing
The Magpies - Tidings
Chris Manners - Exit Pursued By A Bear
Luc Mcnally - Night Off
Hamish Napier - The Woods
Brian O'hEadhra & Fiona MacKenzie - Tuath
Piccard & Masure - Webbesnaren 2.0
Quicksilver - The Quicksilver Barn Dance Book
Quicksilver - Maypole Manual Music
Chris Ricketts - Songs In The Key Of Sea
Fiona Ross & Shane O'Mara - Sunwise Turn
Mike Ruff & Jenny Read - The Maypole Manual
Mike Ruff & The Morris Hey Set - Morris Hey
Ben Sands - Chocolate And Other Stories
Colum Sands - Song Bridge
George Sansome - George Sansome
Kenny Speirs - New Dawn Breaking
Svang - Vanner
Andreas Tophoj & Rune Barslund - Trails & Traces
Various Artists - Songs Now And Then
The West Ocean String Quartet - Atlantic Edge
The Wilderness Yet - The Wilderness Yet