Enjoy Travel Cease Trading

Enjoy Travel, the company behind the Costa Del Folk events in Spain and Portugal among others, has gone into liquidation due to problems arising from coronavirus-related cancellations.  In a statement on their Facebook page they say: “The timing of COVID-19 could not have been worse, with over 1200 people due to travel to a number of our overseas events between April and June, all of which have now been cancelled. In addition, we already have approximately 1000 customers booked to travel on future events in the Autumn all of which now seem to be in jeopardy… This means that the future of the company is now untenable, but because we are fully licensed with the appropriate insurance bodies you will get your money back. In order to trigger this and after seeking appropriate professional advice, we must now cease trading.”

This makes Enjoy Travel one of the first major casualties in our folk world.  Over the last few years, they have created something quite unique, and the company has amassed a very loyal and family-like band of supporters, many of whom travelled to Costa Del Folk in Ibiza and Albufeira every year.  The goodwill and outpouring of support for the company directors and staff since this announcement was made has been quite remarkable, and it is a credit to Enjoy Travel that it has acted so responsibly by ‘falling on its own sword’ as it were, by going into liquidation to ensure that their customers can claim their money back.

Gerry Flynn, one of the company directors, said: “Enjoy Travel is no ordinary holiday company. It is a family, and over the years we have been privileged to meet some incredible people, many of whom have become lifelong friends. Right now, we cannot be sure of what the future holds but we sincerely hope to see you again when we are on the other side of this woeful situation. If we survive this health wise, then we will consider that to be a victory.” Our thoughts are all with Gerry and his family as they work through this difficult situation, and wish them well with whatever the future holds for them.