Musical Traditions Records was founded more than 20 years ago, with the aim of bringing traditional music field recordings which might never achieve a commercial publication to the small audience which values it.  As reported in LT136, Rod Stradling retired from physical records in 2020, leaving the catalogue to date available as downloads only, and with no new releases planned, the label looked set for permanent closure.

However, in a positive move that hopes to secure the future of the label, One Row Records (under the direction of Mossy Christian) has, since the New Year, taken on the mantle of Musical Traditions Records.  One Row Records was founded in 2019 to commission, release and promote high-quality traditional English Music.  Two full album releases exist to date, with more new albums in the pipeline.

Branching out into archive material is a natural step, and a series of new releases under the Musical Traditions banner is planned by One Row Records, the first of which will be announced in spring 2021.