Andy Bell, founder of Yorkshire-based Hudson Records has launched a new music club to benefit both artists and audience.  Launched in April, The Hudson Club is a unique monthly subscription scheme offering access to exclusive music, videos, podcasts, streaming, online shows, interviews, special discounts and more – with an aim to build a strong sense of community and a new-look co-operative of mutual benefit.

Andy says: “Not only will this provide our audience with access to some incredible new music – it will also be an alternative way of supporting our artists, allowing both them and the label to forge ahead with creative new projects and collaborations.” 

Unlike other subscription platforms where artists receive only penny fractions for plays of their music, the Hudson Club will pay pounds instead; introducing a new model that will help artists make a fair living out of their music, videos and other digital work.

“The music industry is beset with challenges, not least the pandemic,” Andy continues. “We wanted to find a way for as many people as possible to enjoy the music whilst making a positive impact for our artists and, at the same time, helping sustain our label in an ever-competitive musical world. By signing up to The Hudson Club, subscribers will be part of our collective, all working together to put our artists at the forefront where they belong.”

It costs £10 per month to subscribe to the club, and members will have access to a custom-designed club portal with myriad features. Each month subscribers will receive an exclusive digital music release.