The autobiography Vin Garbutt wrote in his final years has been published, four years after his passing in 2017.  He had begun working on All The Very Best! with the help of journalist Michael McGeary in 2014 and the first draft was completed just days before Vin died.  Now, with the help and support of Vin’s family, the book has been completed.

“Vin was so enthusiastic about this project,” said Vin’s wife, Pat.  “It really appealed to him to have a record of the extraordinary experiences he had during his lifetime.  He lived to walk out onto the stage and give his all to a bunch of music-loving strangers.  His journeys from his front door to the stage door were often weird and wonderful and long – oh, so long!  He travelled by public transport, a tough choice but a great way to meet people.  They inspired him, cared for him and supported his career.”

“Vin often vocalised that he had, ‘the best job in the world’ and that job took him all over the globe.  It’s all here from start to finish.  The highs and lows of carving out a career that in the beginning could not have appeared more unlikely or hazardous.  In his writing, I get a sense of disbelief that it all actually happened and that he achieved so much.  But he did, he reached the top, and everybody loved him.  He was unique, an absolute one-off and we were all so lucky to have him in our lives, whether it was for five minutes or, like me, 48 years.”  

The book includes contributions from some of Vin’s friends and admirers from the folk world, including Christy Moore, Loudon Wainwright III, Eric Bogle, Mike Harding and Jasper Carrott, as well as from fans and the people who knew Vin best.  It also includes many unseen photos from Vin’s life.

All The Very Best! has been released as a limited-edition hardback, paperback and e-book.