The Dee and Don Ceilidh Collective is a community initiative founded in 2016 to encourage the advancement of education, arts, culture and heritage in music and dance in the North East of Scotland.  It’s latest project, Our Living Rivers And Glens, A Musical Exploration, has concluded with the launch of a book with sheet music, images and words.

The project encouraged 80 participants to venture into the local environment and record responses in words, sounds, video and images that were then captured in 80 entries on a project Google Earth map. Nine of Scotland's foremost traditional musicians and singers (Paul Anderson, Arthur Coates, Charlie McKerron, Adam Sutherland, Hamish Napier, Fraser Fifield, Jenny Sturgeon, Iona Fyfe and Shona Donaldson) then composed new works inspired by the online media map, and the results were shared in a total of 26 free interactive online workshops with composers, tutors and participants. The stories, images and new music from the map were taught through free online and face-to-face events, and the music is free to stream and download from the project website.

The book, featuring the new tunes and songs alongside images and words from the project, has now been released and is available from the Collective website.  The Google Earth map can also be accessed from there.