Frankie Gavin's son, Julian, has started a GoFundMe Page in the interest of helping  Frankie who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 esophageal cancer, as of March 2022.

Julian says: "This year, in January, he started having trouble keeping his food in his stomach. As of February, he started to struggle to eat solid foods consistently. My sister has been visiting with him in Galway, Ireland, and they visited the doctor together. After some testing, it was revealed that he has Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer, and the area in his esophagus is not easy to reach without some challenges in surgery.  I want to send Frankie to the Norfolk And Norwich University Hospital in the UK, for its very high success rates in treating Esophageal Cancer."

"In these tough times, Frankie has been isolated away from where he thrives: in very social musical environments. The COVID-19 pandemic is phasing out, but my father has just learned that he is dealing with a potentially life threatening condition that will involve months of chemotherapy, and the doctors that he has spoken to so far, don't feel certain that they can do the surgical procedures necessary.  While $88,000 is my goal to help him in the long term overcome esophageal cancer, and pay for his medical expenses, even just a percentage of that would be very, very helpful for Frankie, to help him survive esophageal cancer, and to continue to provide people around the world with uplifting and liberating Irish traditional music for many years to come."

The fundraiser can be found HERE