Living Tradition Issue 131

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Issue 131 of The Living Tradition (Dec 2019 - Jan 2020) features articles on: Sandra Kerr, The Wilson Family, The Outside Track, Dave Mattacks, Innes Watson, Singers from Connemara, Bryan O'Leary, Simon Evans' Mummers Plays, Benji Kirkpatrick, Scott's Sangs, Tales From The Road, Fret Not, Transatlantic Connections, Dec-Apr Festival Listings, news, reviews and much more....


Paul Brennan - Airs And Graces Charlie Bridger - Won't You Buy My Pretty Flowers The Clutha - Live From Harvard Debra Cowan - Greening The Dark Amy & Gavin Davenport - A Boat Of Promises Hilary De Vries - An Orkney Sampler Eric Falconer - The Road To Yair Gatehouse - Heather Down The Moor Dick Gaughan - The Harvard Tapes Julian Goodacre - Some Of Me Tunes And Some Of Me Friends Tunes Karin Grandal-Park - Lives On The Line Sara Grey & Kieron Means - Better Days A Comin Bella Hardy - Postcards & Pocketbooks Paul Harrigan - Music From The White Stone Lynn Heraud & Pat Turner - Watching For Winkles Hession, Cunningham & Coughlan - Urnua Hannah James And The Jigdoll Ensemble - The Woman And Her Words Sandra Kerr - Rebel With Her Chords Lilt - X Allison Lupton - Words Of Love Magpie Lane - The 25th Karen Marshalsay - The Road To Kennacraig Mossie Martin - Humours Of Derrynacoosan Gay McKeon - The Turning Of The Geese Tony McManus & Julia Toaspern - Live In Concert John Renbourn & Jacqui McShee - An Evening With Reg Meuross - Raw Mitchell And Vincent - The Preservation Of Fire Jim Moray - The Outlander John Campbell Munro - The Kelly Collection Ben Paley - Homunculus Mellitus Charlotte Peters Rock - The Peaceful Weavers Of Peterloo Pons Aelius - Fire Under The Bridge Rant - The Portage Burd Ellen, Frankie Armstrong, Alasdair Roberts & Jinnwoo - Green Ribbons Jack Rutter - Gold Of Scar & Shale Show Of Hands - Battlefield Dance Floor Martin Simpson - Rooted Skye Consort & Emma Bjorling- Skye Consort & Emma Bjorling Ian Smith - Last Call Peter and Barbara Snape - All In The Song Socks In The Frying Pan - Raw & Ril Topette - Rhododendron Trio Dhoore - August Various Artists - Bring My Love To Connemara Various Artists - Strings That Nimble Leap Chris While And Julie Matthews - Revolution Calls Mike Wilson - Taking Shape

ISSUE 131 Web Reviews (The following reviews were not able to be published in this issue of the magazine for space reasons.)

Alan Catton - Tales From The North Sea Strand Finn Collinson - Call To Mind Henderson : Hooper - Pete's Trees Terry Hiscock - Falling More Slowly Iontach - Cuan The Lasses - Undone Charlie Le Brun - Madness Is Convention Scotia Nostra - Gammel Venskab Gwilym Bowen Rhys - Arenig Tradish - Handmade Tales John Ward - Life Drawing